ATL x 30STM (in my dreams)

I am so annoyed right now to some of my contacts in facebook so I decided to tell my dream about All Time Low and 30 seconds To Mars. This dream happened few weeks ago and whenever I think of it, I can’t help but smile and get giidy. I miss ATL and Mars so much.

It all started in my high school. (Btw, I already graduated from college so I have no idea why my dream chose my high school as the venue). There is a fair or an event. I am with my friends, chattering in a classroom in the second floor. Then there came an announcement over the speaker that a rock band will perform at the ground. So we all went out by the corridor and watch the whole thing over there. We cannot go down at the ground, for some reasons Idk why. We can now hear the drums from Escape. And oh my god, Jared Leto came out! We were all screaming JARED! JARED! I think I have the loudest voice. i screamed “JARED LETOOOO” and Jared waved back at me. FUCK. I’m really crazy that I’m saying all the bad words in whole wide world. Hahahaha. I even wanted to jump from second floor down to the ground. They performed Closer To The Edge, I think. And then that was it

I hated myself for an hour because I never went down to hug them. It’s like They are so near yet so far. Hahaha.

Then for some reasons again, my dream placed me to an AVR (Audio-Visual Room that I’ve never seen before). The room is now filled with people I dont know and some of my college friends. The room has a stage and I think it can accomodate 40 persons. Looks like there is another event. In the stage there were audiences called by the host, including me. We stand there for like 10 mins and then he announced that All Time Low is gonna visit our school. Hahahaha. And from the backstage I saw Zack, Jack, Alex and Rian coming out. FUUUUUUCK. I was like 4 inches away from them. I can’t touch them because…. idk why i didn’t again. The host asked them some questions then they played Timebomb hahahaha. It was finished after that but the most fucking thing of all, Zack wanted to stay on stage. He reached for my hand and we had a photo op from all the audiences with cameras from the floor. Hahahaha.

Then there is a dinner. I think my dream’s venue by then… is a hotel’s conference room.

Zack, Jack, Alex and Rian were being interviewed. I got bored so I decided to leave that room. Then I saw my younger sister. She told me that my mom is going to fetch us infew minutes. I told her “okay, i’ll just get my things.” On my way back to that room, I saw bunch of people waiting from the outside of another conference room. I heard them that they are going to stalk 30 seconds to mars after their private interview. So it looks like the hotel got ATL and MARS. I really wanted to stay butI dont want my sister and my mom to wait for me.

So I got my things and I exit to another door…. and then bam! it’s a whole new world. My dream transported me now from a hotel to UST, my college school. Hahahaha. It was so quiet. Then Jared Leto saw me!!!! He asked me if I was the girl who shouted from the second floor, I said yes. Hahaha. And our conversation goes like this ( as far from what I remember):

Jared: Hey, you are the girl from the second floor yelling

Me: Yes!

Jared: Where you heading now?

Me: Going home. You?

Jared: Going home too. (Then he showed me his car keys as a sign). Do you mind if I can bring you home?

Me: *SHOCKED* Uhhh, no thanks. I am actually heading to the carpark too, mom is waiting. (I SHOULLD HAVE SAID YES. FUCK MY LIFE)

Jared. Oh! Okay, I think we should walk together heading to our cars. *Laughs*

Me: *laughs* and *blushing*


Jared: My car is over there. You? (Left side)

Me: Uhmm, at the other side.

Jared. Okay goodbye. Take care. See you soon :)

Me: Bye. *Headed to other side*

Then my dream transported me to a road. I entered our car. Mom asked why. I said nothing then smiled.


  January 02, 2012 at 10:50am
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