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Bombay Bicycle Club πŸ‘³πŸš΄β™£οΈ; Disclosure in a couple of hours! 🎭🎭 @bombayinsta @disclosure #bbc #bombaybicycleclub #concerts #concerts2014 #indie #music

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Cool set design + good live indie music from Bombay Bicycle Club πŸ‘³πŸš΄β™£ #BBCliveinManila #bbc #bombaybicycleclub #concerts #concerts2014 #indie #music

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When is the last time you thought you were lucky enough to catch some guitar picks thrown from gigs? Coolioo hahaha #BBCliveinManila πŸ™ŒπŸŽΈ #bbc #bombaybicycleclub #concerts #concerts2014 #indie #music

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A box full of some sort of happiness that we cannot have yet… πŸ’” #rediscovereeses

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Happy company, happy weekend! πŸ’ž #GGGB #jojoloco #friends #love

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VivaLaVida πŸ‘£πŸ’‘#quotes #qotd #mantra #jojoloco

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Happy with my snail mail! Premium subs from @spotify and good news from @rwsentosa.😍 But I’ll be missing @yahooph’s purple carpet in #YahooAwards this Friday! πŸ‘Ž#whatnots

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Fun night, got blinded by the laser light! @isthatjessiej totally looks like a mannequin, love her Brit accent. Kudos to the team! bravooo @midaspromotions @futureupdate! πŸ‘ πŸ’« #jessiej #jessiejliveinmanila #jessiejmnl #concerts #concerts2014 #manilaconcerts (at Smart Araneta Coliseum)

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Last hour. Merienda meeting. #SoCorporateYetSoHealthy 🍑 😁 #whatnots (at The Peninsula Manila)

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Cause in a sky full of stars
I think I saw you

Hoax Concert Posters

Random post on a Monday morning: just some of my favorite hoax concert posters that have gone viral nationwide (Philippines) over the years. These are the posters that made my heart skipped a beat or cracked me up.

  • Fall Out Boy & Paramore: Monumentour In Manila


When FOB and Paramore announced that they are going on tour this year, I was really excited. (Watch: THIS!)Β So when I stumbled upon this last February, my heart literally skipped for a second. Good thing, @manilaconcerts alongside @ovationprod confirmed that this is a FAKE graphic poster. I know it’s not gonna happen anyway… because Fall Out Boy just had a concert at Araneta last August 8, 2013 for their Save Rock Roll World Tour, as well as Paramore, who was just here last February 15, 2013 at MoA Arena . AND I WENT TO BOTH SHOWS. Either way, I still want Monumentour Live In Manila. It’s gonna be a riot! I can’t wait for it to happen!

  • Arctic Monkeys Live In Manila

When Phoenix went here last January, there were rumors that Arctic Monkeys is also coming to Manila. It could be a solo show or they could be included in Wanderland 2014. And this poster had gone viral in twitter and in Facebook right after Wanderland Fest but I knew it already… that this is really FAKE. Why? Β Aside from the fact that I know who is the bidder for AM, the venue on the said image is unbelievable. Ayala Land smashed NBC Tent into smithereens last March. That venue is gone. But whatever, I’m still hoping for Arctic Monkeys anywhere else here in Manila. Ola Alex Turner?!

P.S. I have so much memories in NBC Tent from NU Rock Awards 2010 to Death Cab For Cutie Concert. This poster kinda made me sad remembering the venue.




ColdplayΒ is my favorite piano rock band. Everyone knows that. I am kind of obsessed with their music and to all the themes in each of their albums. There are times that I would just wake up in the morning to stream their live concert, and during long rides… they are my ears’ good best friends.Β 

Numerous times (not just once or twice, but many times) people (especially the gullible netizens) shared different Coldplay Live In Manila poster. And because love can make one stupid, I believed in those then after checking Coldplay’s website knowing those were fake… tears streamed down in my face. Coldplay why can’t you go here? Why can’t I go see you there? Someday, Coldplay, someday. I’m gonna cross you guys off my bucket list. I shall wait Till Kingdom Come.

  • Eraserheads Returns


I grew up listening to OPM, especially to this band, Eraserheads. I’m not going to say that I know their history since the 90’s and I have their complete set of albums (but I did), etc., because everyone knows that I love them and who doesn’t? E-heads is the band with a perfect soundtrack to each stages of your life. The last time I saw them as Β ERASERHEADS (not as Pupil, Sandwich, Cambio or Markus HIghway) was during The Final Set, last March 7, 2009 wherein they performed 29 songs (and I was singing along with them at the top of my lungs). It will always be one of the best-est, longest and most emotional concert that I’ve been to. Also, that is the concert with the most number of attendees (hello 100,000 fans) in the Philippines up to present day.

Ooops… wait! Did I just say The Final Set? Yes, it was their reunion and last performance as Β a band… here in Manila. (They still went to USA, SG, UK for the past two years for other Filipinos who weren’t able to go at their gig last 2009). But hey hey hey, during Multiply blogging days there were rumors that the four guys were paid millions of pesos.Β Β People think they have aΒ 10-year contractΒ that they’re not going toΒ have a concert here after 10 yrs since the final set. Uh-oh, that means we just have to wait for 2019 and keep the faith?

This poster really cracked me up. Exaggerated yet funny. Have to say Ely isn’t really aging today but I just laughed out loud to this. And yes, I’m still keeping my faith. Even when I get a little older and have kids, I will still watch Eraserheads.. Live!Β 

  June 28, 2014 at 06:00am

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